Symphobia & Jade Valerie - What's Done Is Done & Victory

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Re: Symphobia & Jade Valerie - What's Done Is Done & Victory

Postby Jayme » Fri Feb 27, 2015 4:22 pm

I really didn't think the album would sell well. But as we all know, sales hardly mean anything ;)
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Re: Symphobia & Jade Valerie - What's Done Is Done & Victory

Postby ALfromHELLSING » Wed Apr 01, 2015 2:23 am

I received my copy of the album about 2 weeks ago and didn't get a chance to share my thoughts. What can I say, I love it. Geo & Adeesha did a fantastic job here. All tracks are amazing, except for Play & SupahFreakinMarvelous. These 2 just felt kinda weak, maybe if there's a Korean version they can replace them.
This better not be another one album project. I hope they are already working on a second album, cause I really really enjoyed this one. And damn, Victory gave me goosebumps. It's so good, made me realize how much I miss Jade & Geo making music together. I still listen to the old albums a lot, but it's sad that there most probably will never be a new JV album but I'm glad we now got Adeesha on board with Geo. She did a great job in Noc-Turn.

As for the sales and chart positions, that was expected. Sucks they didn't go to Japan to do at least some kind of promotion. How people would even know about them? The only reason I found out is cause Nem or John shared What's Done Is Done MV on facebook. Otherwise I would never know.

I have scanned the booklet if anyone needs lyrics or photos. Everything is in PDF format tho.
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