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Re: 2018 check in

Postby Dreamquake » Sun Mar 25, 2018 7:11 am

Joshorty wrote:Funny I actually messaged Nem via instagram recently saying that I’ve been reminiscing Jade’s albums after not listening to her for so long (currently on the infamous Rare Tracks album which I purchased just 10 years ago ...). I also have a lot of good memories if not only for Jade’s music itself: the messageboards on both the official sweetbox and here at jade-nation (formerly sweetbox-nation), talking to a lot of you on MSN for long hours overnight because of timezone differences, etc etc. 2006 was probably the golden year for me, a peak of when we were all VERY active in discussing with each other. I also apologize for giving anyone a hard time I was an annoying fan boy both in virtual reality and reality haha. I did manage to gain a few fans among my friends who genuinely love her music and have heard her entire discography, which a i thought was cool.

What I find when reminiscing her music is that she is no doubt an incredible song writer after all these years. In the face of the music industry, she is, as John said, an underdog that I want to keep rooting for. I learned so much about the music industry when questioning why someone who sings English only releases in international markets (probably another reason why almost every song she’s written has choruses that repeats itself easily). Even to this day the North American industry is less likely to promote, include or appreciate an artist with an Asian ethnicity. Though there’s a slow movement in the entertainment industry to be more diverse and inclusive, we still have a long way to go. I hope nothing discouraged her from being the gem of the artist we all appreciated. If she is simply enjoying life, then she has every right to as well. I just wish her ability as a song writer is recognized, even if it means writing for other artists to shop from.

O and I managed to finally purchase and hear her first album Classified back in December 2015 when Amazon sold it for $7.92. Not kidding and it was legit from the retailer itself, not a market place seller. Looking at the current prices they’re selling the albums for makes me glad I still have my collection intact (Rest in peace to Dreamquake’s Bittersweet Symphony CD :’( - last I heard it was shattered in pieces).

And if it makes you feel better Dreamquake, my name is as embarrassing here among other online usernames I created the past 10 years lol.

Nnn I just can't at being referred to as "Dreamquake" lol. I can't actually remember what happened to my Bittersweet Symphony - maybe it did break! Your memory of my stories is better than what I remember myself!

I guess a lot of people are right - let's be real she can't have been making much money from her music in any way post-Sweetbox as her albums weren't exactly flying off the shelf, and yeah, sadly she is of a certain age that the music industry tends not to be kind to, and she doesn't have superstardom on her side either unfortunately.

Ah well - she had a huge break with Final Fantasy X-2 and a LOT of people around the world heard her voice. Gaming is a bigger industry than film after all, so getting to voice not one but two amazing tracks in a huge, global game was kinda like landing a Bond theme in SOME respects. (obviously arguable lol)

needless to say - she has had some not-so-underdog moments, but yeah, I do understand why she might have gotten sick of the game. It's a lot of work to write, record, produce (well, maybe co-produce, don't know what her skillset is like in that regard), release, promote and perform only to sell 10 or so thousand copies.
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Re: 2018 check in

Postby Valiant Terra » Thu Apr 05, 2018 5:49 pm

I'm still here too, I know I don't post often, but I do come here once in a great while and read all of you guy's posts. I heard she has a new song on a various artists album called heartkick, I know that's most likely in a another thread, so I'll check that out after. It's crazy, I was just thinking about her and then BAM! I get an email from another Jade fan telling me about it and if I have the song! Crazy, right? I think God is trying to tell me something. And as for as our usernames go, I like "Dreamquake". It's unique. I haven't seen anyone else with that name. and Joshorty isn't a bad name. I think that the ones people don't have are the best usernames. For one, it's easier to differentiate from other millions of people, and two, easier to find if your looking for their profile so like if you want to send the right person an email for example. Less chances of a mix up, and three, when no one uses similar usernames, they become unique, and in a way, special. I still love my many usernames, but the latest one I go by, will have to be Terra Raine. It takes me days just to finalize my decisions on a username. It sucks, but it pays off cause I still love my usernames. Anyways, I haven't lost hope on Jade, not yet. She's still part of the music industry, so there's still some hope. When she is completely gone, then I'll stop hoping. But she's still around, so guys, let's not lose hope.. especially when she released a new song..
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